Friday, May 19, 2006

A Woman and Her Wastebaskets

Just so there is no question, here are Doria's feelings on the wastebasket issue:

Small wastebasket bad.

Big wastebasket good!

Today's UFO is a lace scarf for the Cambridge Zen Center's annual fundraiser. I got the fiber at last year's NH Sheep and Wool Festival. Last year, I found myself being overcome by the urge to spin lace. Being a fan of the fleece, I began looking a merino fleeces. Merino needs a careful hand when being prepared to spin. It can be time consuming with the danger of felting along the way. Merino fleeces have been known to felt sitting on the shelf minding their own business. Fortunately, I came to my senses and bought 2 oz. of merino/baby camel down blend instead of a 5 lb. merino fleece. Spinning it over the summer was just enough to get the laceweight bug out of my system.

Like most lace projects, its doesn't look like much until blocked. I'll be sure to do another post about blocking it. For the curious, that pattern is Fiber Trends Estonian Garden Wrap & Scarf. If you have questions about any of my projects, be sure to ask me in the comments. I'm glad to give more details!

Tomorrow, more UFOs! That's right, I'm not done (not even close).

Have a good weekend and happy knitting everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hmm, Doria is so enigmatic and hard to read. You never really know what she's thinking... ;)

love the lace. need to finish some lace myself. Then come for a blocking lesson (i just mistyped "lesion" instead of lesson- need to think more, work less!). Turns out, i've never blocked any lace, cuz i've never FINISHED any....

arianna said...

Lucy, that scarf is just gorgeous. i just had to stop in & say that. :)

i'll see you this evening! fun!