Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chuppah Fitting

The chuppah is now this big:

I added Patience's piece on Monday and Tuesday just in time for the chuppah fitting at the florist.

This is the first time that it has been all laid out and measured. We figured out that it is going to be 7' wide and 6' long which, fortunately, is going to fit the frame perfectly.

We also checked out whether the trellis netting was going to work as a support which it will. Without some kind of support this thing would sag something awful.

The other thing we figured out? The pattern looks really cool from a distance as well as close up!

So what's left? Kimberly and Guido's sections need to be attached. The edging needs to be finished, the ends need to be sewn in and then it needs to be block just a bit.


Danielle said...

The chuppah is gorgeous. Lucy, you are such a fantastic friend to help out like this!

omly said...

Wow it sure is looking great!

Anonymous said...

ok, i won't gush, but it is beautiful.

Park Bench Knitter said...

It's awesome!! I've been wanting to knit a chuppah, even though I've never been married, and it seeks like I never will be. Yet, I want to knit a chuppah.

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