Friday, November 09, 2007

What Have I Been Up To?

Monday, I dyed yarn. I actually dyed about twice as much as usual and it took Kerry and me until after 5pm to finish it all. We really dyed until we died. Near the end, I got into this eye-watering hot pink and used it in a few colorways. Strangely enough, people like them. Look for them on Etsy soon.
Tuesday, I recovered from dyeing and then did some housework! For real!
Wednesday, before the shop opened, I cleaned more. (I know! It must be some kind of virus.) Then I had a bunch of lessons during shop hours. This seems to be a big lesson week. The only reason I'm writing to you now is that my four o'clock didn't show.
Thursday, more house cleaning (holy crap!) followed by many lessons and then an evening talk at the Zen Center where I told them about my trip to Korea.
Today, I didn't clean house. I gardened! I've decided to reclaim the side yard.
It is the only place in my yard that is safe from both dogs and children. Way back in September, I bought about $60 worth of bulbs that I really need to get planted. Unfortunately, the side yarn is a real mess. It is full of rocks, glass, bricks, nails, cigarette butts, you name it.
And it has already claimed a victim.
I worked on it for about an hour today and plan to do the same tomorrow. I have some fun ideas for it though I know it will be a long term project. Right now, I'm just going to try to dig it through, add enough peat moss and lime to take the curse off it and get my bulbs in. I'll worry about more planting come spring.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like spending a nice chunk of change--expirable change, too-- to get you moving forward on a project!