Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chugging Along

I'm doing pretty well with my Christmas knitting. I've managed to finish both of my neices pinwheel sweaters. I think I've finally got that pattern out of my system after making three of them. When I first saw it on the Blue Blog I had that reaction that we're all familiar with. I saw the picture of it on her daughter just went must. knit. sweater. I was powerless to resist!
Here's Little Niece's sweater front
and back.

And Big Niece's sweater frontand back.They still need to be blocked but I'm just not in a blocking mood today. Maybe next week.

Now I'm working on Christmas stockings. A couple of years ago, I made Big Niece, then Only Niece, a stocking. I had planned to make stockings for my sister and brother-in-law but never got around to it. You know how that goes. Well, this year, I'm making the rest of the family stockings. Unfortunately, this one seems to be giving me some attitude.

Notice how the bow for the top of the bell is not centered?This comes from me fiddling around with the pattern, knitting it in the round instead of flat, doing duplicate stitch instead of intarsia. This problem came mostly from switching what side the motif was on. Can't have one child's stocking facing one way and the whole rest of the family's stockings facing the other. It could give the kid a complex. Am I right or just compulsing out? One way or another, I'm now picking out this duplicate stitch and moving the motif over two stitches which should get it centered. Blahhhh! Oh well, at least my wrists aren't sore like last week.


Kimberly said...

Details! What yarn did you use for the sweaters? I'm getting burned out on EZ's Baby Suprise (3 so far) and this pattern looks like something I could work on.
Love the colors and the design. I can see both The Boss and The Gift with one.

Lucy said...

It's the Wonderful Wool. I love it. The link to the pattern is in the post before this. I think it would make a really good stash buster since you need so little of the center colors.