Sunday, November 30, 2008


Today I'm cleaning my bedroom. I have been ignoring it for a looong time and it has gotten really, really out of hand. Those who know me, know I am a pile maker. There has been a pile of stuff in the middle of my bedroom that has been getting bigger and more unruly and today it is going down! I have a very small living space since I share a one bedroom apartment with the shop but I don't think having a bigger place would help. I'd just fill it up with even more stuff. This way, things get out of hand fairly quickly and force me to deal with them.
So why am I sitting here blogging? Procrastination, of course.
So, now no more procrastinating. I'm going in!

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Kimberly said...

I tell you to yell for help but I know the space. Don't fall in and let us know how it goes.
Myself, I've been on Ravelry most of the day and am getting ready to CO for a new scarf (the Harlot must have rubbed off on me).