Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Hampshire Sheep & Wool

Another fine time was had at NHS&W this year. Susan couldn't make it this year so I promised her some beautiful pictures of fiber.

Yummy fiber!That's the guy I usually buy fleece from. I never know what I'm going to find! This year's big score was a Dorset fleece. There seemed to be a lot of Dorsets around this year which is interesting because some years you just can't find them. I like it because it makes good socks and is not supposed to felt. That fleece and several others went back to Zeilinger in the trailer. We should see them back here sometime in early August.

By far the coolest thing that happened all day was when Ty and I went to see the alpacas. Now, alpacas have never had any use for me. Whenever I go look at them, they hide at the back of the pen. Not so with Ty. She started talking and suddenly they started humming to her! Look how they are looking at her! They just loved her voice! We went over to another pen and tried it again and that alpaca started humming to her too. I think she's the alpaca whisperer.

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