Thursday, June 18, 2009

This brings me back!

To my college theory class!

Your result for Which musical mode are you?...

You are Mixolydian Mode

Mixolydian Mode. The darkest of the Major Modes. Characterized by the lowered 7th scale degree.

Your general outlook on life is positive. You see the good in the world and in people, and you cling to the hope that in the end the good will prevail, whatever that means. You feel like in any given situation, the best answer is to just have a good time. You don't like people who take things too seriously. Despite your fun-loving demeanor, you have an introspective side. You have strong opinions but don't particularly like getting into arguments.

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For those who don't know, yes, I was a music major.


Rosemary said...

Hey--so am I. And I totally heard the scale in my head when I first saw your post.

Hope all is well. And once again, I totally love the new sock club yarn. And I'm only knitting merino-tencel socks this summer so I can make a dent in that corner of my stash.

Unknown said...

I did not know that! Although upon reflection I *did* know that you used to teach band, so I probably could have guessed.

Anonymous said...

Next time my husband gives a piano recital, you must come if at all possible. (Last time, his theme was music of the Russian avant garde.)

I've spun about half each of three of the merino-tencel bumps I got at your shop; it is wonderful stuff to work with.

Carolyn said...

My husband is taking the quiz right now...he did note that the title page shows a bit sheet music which is not modal. ;) He came out Aeolian.
I did not know you were a music major.