Thursday, June 22, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

Good grief! Where do I start! I feel like I have been in constant motion since I last posted!
Well, here’s what I’ve done since you last heard from me.

Went to morning practice at the Zen Center then grabbed some lunch and met Guido and his Pumpkin for a delightful sail on the Charles all afternoon.

7am Get up early and got everything ready and printed for my evening Knit Out meeting.
9:30am Get on my bike and head up to see my grandmother.
Half way there, hear my bike make a sound something like toingggg, think, “This can’t be good”. Stop and find out that I’ve broken a spoke. Fortunately, I’m only about ¼ mile away from the bike path bike shop. Stop and get my spoke fixed.
10:40am Get the rest of the way to Arlington Heights and visit Grandma.
11:20am Head back home
11:45am Get home and get ready for Big Nephew’s eighth grade graduation
12:15pm Head over to CVS to get said nephew a card and some money to put in it (never say I leave these things until the last minute).
12:25pm Meet my mother and brother headed out the door to go. Mom says “hurry, hurry”! My mother is compulsively early. Run in and get my bag.
12:45pm Get to Baldwin School
1pm Watch one of the sweetest and nicest (and most brief!) graduation ceremonies I’ve ever been to.
2pm Head home
2:20-3:30pm Wait for Little Nephew to get home from daycare so that we can go out to a late lunch to celebrate. Listen to my mother and brother argue about the fact that he doesn’t like Thai food and why do we have to out to eat any way.
3:30-4:30pm Eat a fairly tense meal with my family. Amuse myself by introducing Little Nephew to bubble tea.
4:30pm Return home and collapse for 45 mins.
5:30pm Change bags and head out to Knit Out meeting.
6:30-7:45pm Have a very productive Knit Out meeting. Thank you to every one who made it!
8:45pm Return home after stopping at a friend’s house to feed cats while they were out of town.
9pm Sound asleep

8:30am Leave the house to run some errands and catch the 350 bus to Burlington to go help some friends’ paint their brand new house. The bus ride was perfect knitting time.
10:30am Arrive in Burlington. Receive the 25-cent tour and spend the day painting Kerry and Deb’s delightful new house!
5:40pm Head home and collapse. Beginning to really look forward to opening the shop tomorrow just so I can sit down!

AM Go to the post office, bank, grocery store and pick up shop. The only problem with being closed three days in a row in the summer is that I have 50% more time to mess up the shop before I open again on Wednesday.
PM Open shop, wind yarn. Spend two hours sending out Knit Out related email, wind yarn some more. Have knitting group.

Well, today has been pretty slow. All I’ve done is ride my bike up to Arlington Heights and get more groceries from Trader Joe’s. I’m sure I’m going to have lots to do today but for now I’m ignoring the list and having a little bloggy fun. I tell you, it’s a good thing I’m taking that iron suppliment or I’d have needed medical attention sometime mid-Monday.

I can't seem to post pictures this morning but check back. I have some fun ones and I'll try to post them later today.


arianna said...

Lucy, check it out -- you've made it to the UK!

(But shhh, don't tell, that's my secret pal!)

She clearly loved the beautiful yarn. I'll be sure to let you know how her socks turn out. :)

arianna said...

try this link instead -- sorry!

Rosemary said...

Hey--I'm happy to see that you're keeping yourself out of trouble. At least you're sleeping in your own bed every night. My latest goal is to sleep 8 consecutive nights in my own bed. Cause that means that I'll be home for a solid week.

Congrats to big nephew on graduating from 8th grade! Take him sailing or something to celebrate. Better yet, make him take you sailing to celebrate.

Lucy said...

Arianna! Thanks for the link. Wow, the UK. I'll have to dye some more of that color on Monday.

Lucy said...

Rosemary, I hope you make your goal. I couldn't be away from home that much. I'd go nuts.
If you are ever up here for any length of time, why don't I take you sailing!

Anonymous said...

And here I was just about to tut at you for neglecting your readers!