Saturday, June 03, 2006

Just sale-ing along!

The sale has been going well. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. There aren't too many pictures because I'm too busy waiting on people. Here are a few, though:

Here is Stacey helping herself to some merino-silk blend for spinning,

another happy customer (can't believe I forgot her name!!) with some Wonderful Wool,

and Pam and Erika getting ready to do some damage. Pam, if you're reading this, leave your blog name in the comments and I'll put up a link! Pam is, sadly, moving to Florida soon but vows to stay connected to the area through all the blogs.

Yesterday, I had a mother and her two daughters in here all learning to spin. Here is the lovely and talented Sophie

and her equally lovely and talented sister Rebecca both spinning like old pros.

Their wheel is a very elderly Ashford Traditional, probably one of the first ones to enter this country. I have such a soft spot for these old wheels and the beautiful thing about Ashford is that you can still get all the parts for them. These girls may very well be passing this wheel down to their own kids!

In other news, I've finished the lace scarf and will, hopefully, be showing you blocking pictures on Monday. I'd show you a picture now, but like most unblocked lace, it really doesn't look like much.


Anonymous said...

Since you don't have time to take photos, I've uploaded one of my (small) haul from the sale (and my messy desk. (Blogger won't let me just post the picture here, it seems.)

I know the sock looks totally unimpressive, but since it's my first time knitting with Regia that is actually about the fifth try! I got through one whole try of the cable repeat before I realized I'd missed a twist, and that yarn is so darn slippery I just ripped the whole thing out rather than try to pull back. (Also, my cast-on was too loose... never hurts to start again, I figure.)

Anonymous said...

anything cast on fewer than five times is crap!!

Amy Davis-O'Malley said...

Hi Lucy - the woman with the pink was me! Amy from the North Shore... don't worry, I'll be back! My new Hot Lips and Apricot Ice Sophie is moving along very quickly - just glad that felting covers flaws!