Monday, October 16, 2006

The Great Pumpkin is Living at My House

I really love pumpkins. I've even succeeded in growing them a couple of times.
For some reason, when fall rolls around, I get the urge to buy my nephews excessively large pumpkins. To this end, my brother, the boys and I headed off to Wilson Farms last Monday. They have wonderful pumpkins there as well as apple cider donuts and many other fall goodies.
We were wandering around looking at all the pumpkins when Big Nephew found the stack of giant pumpkins. 'Ooo', he says, 'can I have one of these?' I was obviously wearing my "Auntie Lucy is a Great Big Sucker' sign because I said 'Sure, but you have to be able to pick it up and carry it.' How big a pumpkin could he possibly get?

Really big, apparently, 68 lbs big. It is too big to live in the house. Here it is residing in the backyard until it is time to be carved.

Big Nephew is already talking about lifting weights in preparation for next year's pumpkin trip. I'd better start saving my money! Little Nephew got a nice big pumpkin too, about 25 lbs and I picked up a few fancy pumpkins for myself.

What have I been doing today? Dyeing yarn and, I have to say, enjoying myself enormously! I dyed some favorites and worked up a few new colorsways. I'll have more pictures soon.

The last several times I've dyed yarn, I've been either in a hurry or sick or both. It was wonderful to relax and really enjoy dyeing a reasonable amount of yarn. It is getting to the point where I really need a regular dye day so, from now on, I'm going to make about every other Monday a dye day.


omly said...

I was just talking about the coral snake colorway and was sad that there was no more on the Etsy site to go point to. Is that more I see on the way?

Lucy said...

It is. I just dyed more today. I'll start listing it on Wednesday. Let me know if you need me to hold any for you.

Fresh Ground Knits said...

That is one big pumpkin! I saw one yesterday at the NC State Fair that was 480+ pounds, but it wasn't nice and round like that one :)

Anonymous said...

that is one big ass pumpkin! maybe get some seeds (since there will be so many!) for baking. not only huge, it must have cost a fortune!

Anonymous said...

i am really glad i read this. i was planning to use the "if you can carry it to the car we can buy it" tactic when shopping for a pumpkin with meret. i now see the potential pitfalls (or seed-falls) of this method, especially since meret routinely lifts her first grade classmates, as well as 2nd and 3rd graders in need of a good meal. i am looking forward to seeing how team lucy carves up the big orange one. btw, it needs a name. anything that fills a lawnchair & exerts its own gravitational pull, well, it deserves a name.

Anonymous said...

yay for the musings of stef- always put a smile on my face! the other day, i found the picture of meret i have from when we picked apples and petted a goat. she's so tiny there... but was so heavy.

Lucy said...

It's own gravitational pull!! Hahahahaha! I'll tell Big Nephew that it needs a name!
Yeah, don't go the "if you can pick it up, you can have it" route. You'll be sorry. She's a strong kid!