Monday, April 09, 2007

Another Monday,

Another dye day! Spring must actually be coming since I was able to hang yarn out on the fence for the first time since fall.

Maybe this way it will get dry without having be to hung all over the house! I end up putting out all the folding chairs, hanging yarn on them and hoping it is dry by Wednesday. It's not all that warm out there but it is breezy so I'm hoping to get the yarn completely dry by tomorrow.

Another reason I think spring must be here is that I'm on a real spring cleaning jag.
I finally, after a great deal of prodding by Doria. cleaned out and reorganized the corner by the computer. It used to be the place where I piled up all my shop samples as well as other stuff. There was also a basket that ended up being the repository for all kinds of stuff that I couldn't think of anywhere else to put. The general clutter in this room has been a real symptom of trying to run a business without an actual office.
The narrow set of shelves (all Doria's idea, I take no credit) got all the shop samples and my personal stash of sock yarn out of containers on the floor. The tub on the right is 2005's files that are being entered into the computer with the help of Kimberly. I also started another file tub with all the stuff I couldn't think of anywhere else to put. It actually works really well, so much better than the basket! With the help of the tub, I then cleaned off the coffee table (this is the coffee table that is usually a foot deep in papers, another symptom of the no office thing).

Now anything that I need is in the tub under the table and only things that need my active attention are on the table in this awesome metal mesh box that I got at Tags.

This was Doria's face when she saw it all for the first time. There's hope for me yet, folks!


Rosemary said...

Wow! The office corner looks amazing. You had better post a sign above the sock yarn though, or hang a curtain over the shelves, so that customers do not try to buy your personal stash.

And thanks for the flash of yarn drying on the fence. I miss dye days with you.

Lucy said...

I miss them too. Maybe you can work it out to just happen to be here on a dye day sometime ;-)

Anonymous said...

once i figure out what spring may bring for me, i'm considering trying to rent the doria.