Friday, March 20, 2009

That's Better

Okay, I got it to work again.
So, I get both sides and the sleeves done and run out of yarn. I'd known at an intellectual level that garter stitch eats yarn but now I can say from experience, Holy Crap, garter stitch eats yarn!
That's okay. I own a yarn shop. I'll order more. Until I get the order and my yarn's not there. Next to it on the invoice is the word DISCONTINUED! Discontinued?! Are you kidding me? Cascade never discontinues anything and now they've discontinued the one yarn that I need two more skeins of the finish my sweater?!!
Okay, okay, time for plan B. Fortunately, I had some of the Silk Garden left over so I did the collar with that. I also had set aside a skein of another color that was really, really close. I decided to just let it be close and do the edging with that. I crocheted the edging too since the applied I-cord it called for sounded like one skein wouldn't make it. Two rows of single crochet later, I put the zipper in and voila!

BTW, they used buttons but I have been putting zippers in everything lately and loving it. No gaposis (you know when the space between your buttons gaps? I hate that)I'm very pleased with the result!

Thanks, Sarah, for taking the pictures!


Anonymous said...

I am still working on the Cascade and the discontinued color???

Love the sweater and I am with you on the gap issues.

Liza the blogless

Kimberly said...

Woo Hoo! Another FO! Looks even better on you than it did just finished (sans zipper).

Unknown said...

Super cute! It turned out really great!

Carolyn said...

That is a fantastic sweater.

Anonymous said...

Refreshing spring colors in your sweater! And I love the concept of "gaposis." I have (or my sweaters have) suffered from that "-osis" since I was about 14!

Good to see you're doing well!



17th stitch said...

That is a smashingly cute sweater! I love the way you worked around the yarn shortage, and the colors look great together... and on you.

Anonymous said...

Looks great!

Lucy said...

Thanks everyone!
I'm really enjoying wearing it though it may actually be a little too warm for spring. Hey, winter always comes again!

pigbook1 said...

That is a fabulous looking sweater! Love it