Friday, February 16, 2007

It's a Dog's Life

Yes, another Wanda story!

I was away last weekend and it was the first time I'd left Wanda overnight since I'd gotten her. My friend Susan, dog sitter extraordinaire, agreed to take Wanda for the weekend. When I've had to leave dogs before, I usually would have someone come to the house but that was when I had more than one dog and they could keep each other company. I didn't think that would work so well for Wanda so Susan and her boyfriend agreed to take her to stay with them.

Even though Wanda sleeps in the bed with me, it was made clear that she would not be sleeping the bed with them.
Well, then their heat failed in the night and it got very cold. At about 1am, Susan brought Wanda's crate into the bedroom where they had a space heater. Wanda cried until it became obvious to Susan that there was only one place she would be happy. In the bed. Unfortunately, Wanda is a huge bed hog. She pushes up against you and then won't move. She only weighs 48 lbs but some nights it's like trying to move a sleeping gorilla! When she got in bed with them, she pinned down the covers so that Susan's boyfriend didn't have any. After a certain amount of wrestling, they did get everyone settled and went to sleep.
Later in the night, Susan slowly woke up because something was wrong with her pillow. When she got herself waked up enough, she realized that there was nothing wrong with her pillow. She was, in fact, pushed all the way over and had her head on her boyfriend's pillow! Who had Susan's pillow all to herself? Miss Wanda, of course!


Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely, but reminds me why I love my cats!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Wanda is just showing how much she wants to be with them. :)
I remember how my dog showed her disapproval on boyfriends. After getting up out of their seat for the bathroom or a drink, she would sit in their seat and refused to move. Gotta love our babies!

Susanne said...

awww, how cute is that...Are we going to see the rest of the yarn dying/winding experiment?

Lucy said...

That was pretty much it except for a picture of what it looks like knitted. Unfortunately, none of the sock club people has sent me a picture yet, though Emily the Slayer came by and showed me her swatch. I have a tiny bit of it left. I'll try to knit it up and show how the colors go.

Lorena said...

I should be casting that yarn on tonight, as soon as I close up (ironically enough) the previous sock yarn! So I'll have pictures for you, at least of how the toes look, in a day or so!

Unknown said...

Hey Lucy, this is what I was talking about today. Really crazy, awesome stuff that reminds you how far into the artistic realm knitting can take us. My hats will most likely never hang in a gallery, but I like the reminder that they could.

Anonymous said...

recall that when you say only 48 lbs, you're thinking of much larger dogs, but that in real life, 48lbs is a lotta dawg. and wanda is dawg with attitude.