Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Right Equipment Makes the Difference!

You all know that I loooove to ride my bike in the summer. Unfortunately, the last few summers, I've been having a lot of trouble with my bike. No matter how much I adjusted the bike, my back always felt bad. The bike I was riding was a gorgeous Bianci racing bike. This was the bike I'd been wanting my whole life. It was light, it was fast, it was delicious in all ways except one. It was too *&%! big for me! Don't even get me started on the place that sold it to me.
I had suspected it was a bit big for me but never really came to grips with it until Monday. That is when I stoppped in at Quad Cycles in Arlington Heights. Even though I told them I didn't have a cent on me, they talked to me, measured me, measured the bike and talked to me some more. They spent two hours helping me! Now that's customer service! The upshot of the whole thing is that the frame was three centimeters too long for me! It may not seem like much but it is the size bike that someone at least three inches taller than me would ride. No matter what, that bike would always hurt my back.
The Quad Cycle guys fit me to what's called an upright road bike. It has the same wheel size and gearing as my other bike but with the upright handlebars. I am so in love with this new bike. I've been on it every day this week and unlike the other bike, I feel like it is making me stronger rather than weaker when I ride it. I am so happy to have my favorite type of exercise available to me again. I think my butt may actually be shrinking as we speak!


Devorah said...

Yea!!! A bike that fits makes all the difference. Happy Riding!

elan said...

I'm pumpin up the tires on mine today, lets here it for shrinking butts! but I hope I don't shrink so much my new swim suits won't fit.

omly said...

We are practically down the street from Quad Cycles, which is how we ended up in there last year. One visit was enough to make us loyal customers as well. Glad you had similarly wonderful experiences.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Wow! That inspires me to go get my bike checked and start riding.