Friday, November 02, 2007

Purple Sweater Done

The purple sweater is fully reincarnated from a skirt and I'm wearing it right as we speak.
I now have three new winter sweaters which is good because it's stinkin' cold in here and I'm trying to resist turning on the heat. I broke down on Tuesday and turned the heat on for a bit but then turned it off again on Wednesday. This gets me to the end of all the half finished winter sweaters I had lying around here. I have a half finished cotton sweater left but I'm going to leave that one until at least after Christmas.
My newest project is this pair of socks which I've owed to a friend from his birthday in April.
After that I have a several more small things before the Christmas knitting starts in earnest. Also, I just received 45 lbs of sock yarn which I'm madly winding for dye day on Monday. I won't be dyeing all 45 lbs but I'd like to dye at least 20. We'll see how I do!
I have to include a few pictures of the ghoulish visitors I had on Wednesday. Here we have a very scary Little Nephew. Looks a little like Eddie Munster, doesn't he?
This pirate and witch came to see me too.
What a fun night!


Danielle said...

I am sooo close to finishing up another winter sweater. I can't wait, as we *still* have not turned the heat on :)

djd said...

My heat turned on in spite of me Tuesday morning. So I turned the thermostat back down, she said, virtuously. (No Yankee like one transplanted from Yankees territory.)

You sure those "socks" aren't really a bikini?

Anonymous said...

i was so glad our heat finally turned on today!! and yay halloween! cool pumpkins. i saw one the other day at the farmers market that was green and bumpy, and thought, lucy would love that pumpkin!