Monday, March 03, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I'm feeling much better today and now I'm playing catch up from last week. Last week really passed in kind of a murky haze and, needless to say, I did no laundry or dishes or work on my taxes the entire time.
Today, I've run the dishwasher, done several loads of laundry (ah, the joy of clean clothes!) and I'm working away on my tax spreadsheets while listening to back episodes of It's a Purl Man I don't often have time to listen but Guido's always there for me when I've got a big project like this to do!
If you are wondering why I'm in such a rush to work on this now, I'm not actually doing my own taxes. I'm just getting everything organized to take to my accountant which I am going to try to do tomorrow. The small joys of running your own business are many and varied!

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Amy Davis-O'Malley said...

Glad to hear you are doing better - I am back to work today too - it hit me Friday night like a brick wall! Bummed that I missed the class on Saturday.

Take it slow!