Saturday, June 28, 2008


Thank you to everyone for your caring comments on my last post. I'm continuing to feel better and get my energy back!
As promised, here are some pictures from dye day.
I tried a few new colors and had a lot of fun!

I'll start listing them on Etsy as soon as I get a decent sunny day to take pictures of individual skeins.
BTW, I'm on vacation! I love it! I'm celebrating by cooking Beet Thing (mmmm, yummy Beet Thing). If you like beets, let me know and I'll put up the recipe. I'm not having my usual luck, cooking this. I got really big beets and didn't slice them thin enough. They are taking FOREVER to cook! I just checked them again, though, and we're in the home stretch.
Another way that I'm celebrating is by knitting something that is (gasp!) not a sock!

One of my customers started this shawl the other day and I was so charmed by it, I started one of my own. It is the Swallow-tail Shawl from Interweave Knits Fall '06. I'm using some of the yarn I bought in Korea.
The label says that it is 100% wool, but I think they lie. There is a strand running through it with a suspicious sheen, possibly rayon. Who knows. I like it and it really works for this pattern so I'm just running with it.
I have this huge list of things I want to do but I'm not hurrying because, hey, I'm on vacation!


Anonymous said...

oh god i miss beet thing!! did i ever tell you that andy's dad wanted him to learn about the economy when he was a kid, so gave him a small amount of money to buy a couple stocks? you know my boy- he chose to purchase Globobeet, fine distributor of many beet products.

Lucy said...

I think I put too much salt in the Beet Thinga and may have to try again. Oh, the tragedy.
Andy buying the beet stock cracks me up. What a guy!

omly said...

Beets! *pokes for more beet recipes*

Anonymous said...

I heart Lucy's Beat Thing! David and I have made the dish and enjoyed it on numerous occasions.