Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Tuesday in the Shop!

This is the first Tuesday I've worked in over 11 years and it is a little strange. I keep thinking that it's Wednesday and the knitting group is coming tonight. But, no, I'm only working until 7pm. So strange!
Anyway, the trip to the MFA yesterday was great! For some strange reason, I love looking at jewelry but I have no interest in wearing it. I'm usually lucky if I can stand wearing my watch! The Art Nouveau jewelry was really, really gorgeous. Patience and I were both amazed that people actually wore this stuff. It's so ornate and expensive and BIG. I think that, by far, our favorite piece was a tiara that was essentially diamond encrusted antennae. You wore them with the tiara part hidden in your hair with just the antennae showing! Nifty!
Today's big adventure, other than opening the shop, was taking the tandem on it's maiden voyage. I met Stefanie up at Arlington Center and we rode together almost all the way to the Lexington line. It is real different riding with someone else. First of all, you have to coordinate coasting and stopping because everyone's pedals are going around at the same time. We worked it out, though, and had a great ride! I can't wait to take it out again!

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