Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Busy and Boring

Well, I'm really falling down on my New Year's resolution to blog more. The problem seems to be that I'm super busy but it is all boring stuff. The shop is busy (nice but boring), everyone's healthy (nice but also boring), I'm making a lot of headway on the bookkeeping (seriously boring) and I'm knitting a lot of socks (not a newsflash). The most exciting thing this week is that I've gotten out for a bike ride twice. Maybe spring is coming after all.
I'll try to do better. You guys want to hear about the spring yarns? I'll try to post those soon.


Anonymous said...

do we want to hear about yarn? as andy would say, does the pope sh** in the woods?

Lucy said...

I'll get right on it but maybe tomorrow. I did five hours of bookkeeping today and I'm lucky I can put a sentence together.

Anne said...

*I* want to hear about the spring yarns! Tell us a story?