Thursday, May 27, 2010


A few weeks ago, a thought crossed my mind. What if I were to take all my unfinished objects and finish them one at a time until I had none left. And then I went, that's just crazy talk! Crazy!
Then, without really meaning to, I started finishing UFOs. First was a scarf, then a pair of socks, then another pair of socks. I have a sweater for my sister that just needs some finish work, a shawl that's a shop sample that's almost done and a cotton cardigan that I may actually want to wear this summer. Hmmm, I might be onto something. I thought about it a bit more and decided to keep finishing things for as long as I could stand it with the exception that I was allowed to have one pair of socks going at all time. I really can't function without a pair of socks on needles. It's just how I am.
So, here I am finishing UFOs without having really set out to. Let's see how far I get!


omly said...

Good for you!

Amy Davis-O'Malley said...

WOW! I totally need to follow your lead... and I'm starting with the Marsan Watch Cap I've been knitting for the hubby. Not that he can use it anytime soon! Best, Amy

Lucy said...

Thanks, Omly!
Hi Amy! Well winter always comes again and if this June is like last June, it may be sooner than we think.

Carolyn said...

That's great. I hope you will keep posting about your progress. I was never bad about UFO's until this year. Sigh. Maybe I can finish them all up by the end of the year??? I like your idea of keeping one small project going at all times, like socks.

Wren said...

What is shocking me is how many of those UFO's are lurking in the bins, baskets and drawers. They are everywhere! I think they procreate when I am not looking....
I'm on a UFO purge as well. It is gratifying. I'll show you mine, if you show me yours!