Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Sign Stolen

My beautiful sign got stolen over the weekend. It was very carefully removed from the posts and taken sometime during Friday night or Saturday morning. I have informed the police. The nice detective told me that there are people who collect retail signs and if they see one they like, they just help themselves.  The bottom line here is that I have to replace the sign and that kind of money is not in the budget right now even if my insurance comes through with some of it.

Patience (JPatience on Ravelry) has come up with a fun way to raise some money similar to the "guess how many jelly beans are in the jar" game. She is in the process of organizing and cataloguing all of her knitting books. For $5, you can take a guess at the total number of knitting books she owns (even she doesn't know at this point). The three closest guesses get to pick a skein each of Mind's Eye Sock Yarn from her stash pages. The closest guess gets to pick first, second closest second and third closest third. Get your guess in by Friday, March 16th and we will announce the winners on Monday, March 19th. You can come by the shop to register your guess or you can use Paypal. If you pay by PayPal send money to and include your guess in the note to seller. Hint: Patience has gotten through authors A-C and has counted 38 titles so far.

Thank you for any help you can give. People's response has been so heartwarming. I will probably be replacing the sign with something smaller, attached to the house and, hopefully, less easy to steal.

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