Saturday, December 23, 2006

8pm Saturday Night

So here's the score:

Niece's socks: 3 finished, 3/4 of a small sock to go
Nephew's sweater: 1 1/2 sleeves to go plus finish work (who's idea was it to do stripes!? Oh, wait, that was me.)
Number of pies made since last post: 2
As far as I can tell, holiday pie making is officially over.
Number of batches of truffles made: 3
Two more batches need to be made next week for people who were away this week.

Things I have discovered:
-After two days of knitting, size 0 metal double points hurt my fingers. A lot! I stopped with them on Wednesday and my fingers are still sore. That's why I'm only working on the sweater while being so close to glory on the socks. I'm fairly sure I'll have enough in me to finish up the last sock tomorrow night but after that, I'm laying off metal DPNs for a while!

-There is a reason I hop around from project to project. I hate working on one thing at once. After a certain amount of time (measured in hours), anything I'm working on starts to drag like my hands are moving through molasses.

-I apparently suffer from a condition that causes me to keep thinking of last minute things to make for people. Example: I remembered that I only had the finish work to do on a sweater for Little Niece and have decided to take a shot at getting that done for her in addition to the socks. I think this may be a symptom of how sick I am of working on Little Nephew's sweater. It's the only thing I've worked on in THREE WHOLE DAYS! It will be like a reward for finishing the sweater. Also, I don't know how long I can keep my hands off the entrelac. It keeps waggling it's squares at me.

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ChiaLea said...

Have you tried the flexible comfort zone needles? I don't like the feel quite as much as the caesin needles, but these don't break and they won't hurt your hands like the metal needles.

I stick to patterns that aren't excessively lacy on them, as they're a little squirrely for things like s2 k1 p2sso. Anyway, if you want to try em out after I get back from my yarn run to PEI, I have an extra set you can borrow.