Wednesday, May 07, 2008

NENA Was Fun!

Sunday, Guido and I went to the New England Needlework Associaton trade show in Sturbridge. In eleven years of business, this is the first trade show I've ever managed to go to. It was a bit overwhelming but lots of fun! Lots and lots of yarn vendors were there. There were several that I already do business with so I as able to see the new fall yarns and even order some. I also put in some initial orders with a couple of new companies, mostly patterns. I got a lot of patterns!!

There were also many vendors there that I'm interested in doing business with but can't make any commitments to yet. They all were very happy to give me stacks of info about their business. Here is my homework:

One other thing I never knew about trade show is that they have cash and carry! Look what I got for the spinners and felters!

This is multi-colored merino pencil roving. I just couldn't resist!

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Una Spenser said...

So glad you had a nice day. Trade shows are overwhelming. People who are good at them go with matrix charts and complex budget spreadsheets and know exactly how much money they want to spend in every category. I usually have an overall budget and kind of wing it from there.

NENA's the only cash and carry that I know of. That's nice. It's kind of a bummer to go to a big show and come home with nothing. (Though I do really like the show in California, for some reason.)

Hope to join you next time. Or find another excuse to hang out.