Monday, July 10, 2006

Feeding Frenzy!

When the Yarn Harlot puts a link to your yarn on her website, all I can say is hold onto your hair! I’ve sold ten skeins of yarn in the last two hours! I’m going to have to take the wheelie cart to the post office tomorrow!

Vacation Wrap-up Day 1
I’m finally getting to my vacation pictures.
I left here on Saturday, July 1 and got to LAX at a little before noon. I was met by my friend Jess and her fiancé Jeff and immediately carried off to lunch at the kookiest restaurant I’ve ever seen!

When I was flying in, I thought this thing was the control tower!

The décor was fun sixties sci-fi. The elevator even plays you some Star Trekky music while you are riding in it. There were lots of lava lamps and look at the bathroom!

I was having a number of ‘We’re not in Kansas anymore’ moments.
After that, we headed out to do a little touring. I was extremely fortunate that Jeff is a local and a born tour guide. He took us to Venice Beach with a little stop at this big donut.

We didn’t go to the shop (it may not look it in the picture but it was worth your life to cross the street and we’d just had lunch anyway).
Venice Beach was a real trip. We couldn’t have picked a better day to see it being the Fourth of July weekend and all. Here are some people working out at the outdoor gym at Muscle Beach.

Note: As a New Englander, I am completely blown away by the concept that you can count on the weather. In LA in the summer, you know that it is just not going to rain, ever, any time. People put upholstered furniture in the yard, you never have to have rain dates for events! It’s amazing to me!

Here is Venice beach itself and the bikeway that you always see people rollerskating down. It was cool and the pictures don’t begin to do it justice. Also, do you know why they call it Venice?

There are actual canals!

Wouldn’t it be fun to live along here? With a little boat to go out to the ocean or just visit the neighbors? And never have to worry about it raining on your picnic? I’m in love. I may have to move. And that was just Day 1! Stay tuned for Day 2!


Patience said...

Aren't you glad I called?

See you at the meeting tonight!

Lucy said...

Very glad! I would have never known what hit me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that. ; )

Lucy said...

No problem, Steph. I'm pretty sure I'll manage!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha!

btw, if anyone wants to comment on me blog (besides Lucy!), that would be nice. I'm starting to feel like I'm talking to myself. Granted I talk to myself all the time, but y'know....

p.s. L, if a somewhat skronky swatch would help you further advertise your sock yarn, I have a gorgeously winy one.

Anonymous said...

My hope is that enough people will buy sock yarn off the Yarn Harlot's mention that you have to dye a lot more by the next time I get to come see you, and that some of it will be the red and black again. :) Also, if come to you with gauge issues, can you tell me if my math is right or bizzarre?

Anonymous said...

holy crap- the yarn harlot! that's the big time! she's a star- that's pretty cool. as cool knitting goes... i'm wicked impressed.

Nayad said...

That is so exciting! I wnder how much you will sell by the end of the week.

Emily aka omly