Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Working My Way Through the List

I guess this is what you would call a random post so here goes.
Random things that have been going on today:
1. I figured out that my road bike is not designed to tow the four-year-old on the trail-a-bike and that my hybrid bike works much, much better. I changed the trailer hitch to the other bike today just because I felt like it and it is so much easier to ride with him. On the road bike, any movement of his make it hard for me to steer. On the hybrid, I can hardly feel it. I guess you don't tow the camper with a sports car so I shouldn't tow the child with the racing bike.
2. I'm feeling a lot more organized about going away. I've been putting together list upon list upon list and I may actually be getting ahead of it. I even bought a binder and organizers.
3. Now is when the printer decides it needs more blue ink. I don't know how it can need blue ink when I haven't been printing anything blue! My printer is also one of those that won't print unless all the ink cartidges have ink in them so I'm temporarily out of busines until I can get to Staples.
4. Since I can't work on the price lists anymore, I guess it is time to tackle the enormous (ENORMOUS!) pile of junk mail. I now get personal, business and Knit Out junk mail. I really should open my own recycling firm. I could supply it single handedly!
5. I'm still trying to work out whether I'm going to have to buy a bigger backpack to take on retreat. I'm not convinced that I can't get everything I need into the pack I've got. I'm also a little afraid that if I buy a bigger pack, I'll just fill it up with more stuff. My tendency to over pack is fighting with the fact that I'm going have to carry all of it my back while I ride the 40 miles down there.

Well, that's what's randomly going through my head today. Now I'm off to tackle the junk mail.


Nayad said...

How big is your current back pack? I have good sized one you could borrow.

Kellee said...

Hey - is there any chance you have, or could install, a rack on the back of your bike? If so, I have some panniers I'd be more than happy to let you borrow for your retreat.