Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas FO Round-up

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas whether you were actually celebrating it or just having a quiet day off.
I’ve had better. Remember me complaining about how tired I was last Friday? It became apparent by about 2am Saturday that I was actually coming down with the mother of all head colds. I spent the majority of Christmas day sitting in bed, watching TV and blowing my nose.
(Warning: If you don’t appreciate runny nose talk, skip ahead now. I, somehow, feel compelled to blog about it. Sorry. I’m twelve.)
I was mentioning this phenomenon in knitting group and Annie described it perfectly. She said that it’s like evil aliens have opened a portal to the Mucous Dimension inside your head. There’s just no other way to explain how otherwise normal and fairly mild-mannered sinuses could possibly be producing that much snot! I, literally, could not be out of reach of a tissue for the entire day. I came to understand what the Yarn Harlot meant when she said she felt she must blow her nose or end her life.
I am feeling much better now, thanks in large part to my humidifier. All hail the mighty humidifier! I think mine cut this cold down by several days.
I'm fairly pleased with how much I've gotten done this holiday season.
When I last posted about my progress, I'd just finished the nieces sweaters and was doing battle with the first stocking. Here is that stocking with the bow recentered.
I then made this one for my sister
and this one for my brother-in-law. After that came Little Nephew's presents. He asked me for a hat that was also a mask, a scarf to match and some socks. He picked all the colors himself, BTW.
Last, but not least, were socks for the two zen masters at CZC.
The first pair is made from Regia Silk which is my new favorite sock yarn. It is soft and really great to work with. I'm ordering it in every color it comes in when I order Regia next!
My next project is a sweater for the Divine Miss W. She's a little chilly but will, hopefully, will be warmly clothed within a few days.


somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Your FO's turned out perfect (as usual)! I have enjoyed knitting with Regia Silk 6-ply, but have yet to try the 4-ply. Hope to see you in January with Wanda!

Kimberly said...

Well, your not the only one who needs to invest in Kleenix for a holiday. Husband got it first and now I've got it.
As for UFO's I've managed to get a couple done but completly forgot that The Gift needs a Xmas stocking. I guess I can shoot for next year.
And the divine Miss W, she sure looks cold! Hurry up women! Get those needles humming!