Friday, February 22, 2008

Shop Elves

I have long thought that the shop had elves. Unfortunately, they have never been the kind of elves that tidy up and do all your knitting for you in the night. These were the kind of elves that liked throwing yarn off the shelves. This is often what I would see when I first came into the shop in the morning. The funny thing is that these elves have either gotten bored with that trick or have been replaced by new elves because now what I come out to in the morning it this. And this. For some reason, I am constantly finding unwound skeins. The funny thing is that I never see it happen. I'll just walk around the shop in the morning and see unwound skeins all over the place.
Hopefully, this group of elves will move on sometime and be replaced by elves that like doing things like, say, dusting. A girl can only hope.


Phoebe said...

Have you tried leaving out a bowl of milk? Maybe your elves will magically be transformed into brownies.

Anonymous said...

maybe they would magically MAKE brownies... that would also be nice.