Monday, April 21, 2008

Do the Mashed Potato!

Sorry it took me so long to post. I was sick all last week and lacked motivation.
I finally had the chance today to make mashed potatoes with my nephews. Big Nephew has begun to take an interest in cooking. He asked me sometime around Christmas if I would teach him how to make mashed potatoes. Sadly, it took us until today to get it together to actually do it. Little Nephew helped too!
We took a trip to the grocery store where we talked about the different kinds of potatoes to use. We settled on red potatoes since those were the ones I made at Christmas. We also got Earthbalance Spread and some soy creamer (my mother is lactose intolerant). They both helped peel the potatoes, then came the slow agony of waiting for them to be cooked. It took a WHOLE HOUR. The last half hour consisted of this conversation:

Nephews: Are the done yet?
Me: At least, ten more minutes.

This was repeated about every three minutes, getting up several times to poke the potatoes with a fork, until they were done. Little Nephew almost expired from the suspense. Then there was great fun had with the potato ricer, Earthbalance and creamer added to taste and they were done! Little Nephew even had some! He wouldn't eat any at Christmas, said they tasted weird. Hopefully, he will be a convert to real mashed potatoes. He's used to the box ones, blek!
New couch pictures tomorrow!

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omly said...

Ugg! Boxed mashed potatoes are a crime against nature. :P