Thursday, April 03, 2008

Fish Tank Buddha

Ever since I got the big fish tank, I've been look for a fish tank Buddha. They are, afterall, Buddhist fish. I even asked for one for Christmas a couple of years ago. My family's reaction? "You want a what? God, you're so weird." I mean, they did look but they never found one.
Well, I was in Petco a few weeks ago and look what I found!
Here he is in the tank with the fish.

They seem to like him!


Emily said...

Ahaha, so cute!

Also, I wanted to mention that I'm working on a pair of socks from last year's sock club (I think it was the last skein?) and I've had a couple of complete strangers stop and ask me where the yarn came from, because they like the colors so much. And two people in my class had the same reaction. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy! I love the fish tank Buddha! Very very pretty. had no idea your camera was stolen. That stinks. Hope things are well, just surfing to see if Whisper made the blog..... See you soon.

Radish said...

Hi...I have the same Buddha with a 60 gallon tank and I want to make sure I do not block off the side from the fish to swim and grow. Is your Buddha against the back wall? Does is block that back door from fish entering? Thanks for your time.

Lucy said...

Hi Radish, I have it towards the back of the tank but not all the way back. The fish love swimming in and out of it.