Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I got the second coat of polyurethane on the floor. It only took me about an hour and was pretty painless. I'm only one more coat away from glory!
My only other plan for today was to go to the farmer's market with Doria. It is in Davis Square, about a mile from here. This farmer's market goes on every Wednesday, 12-6 throughout the growing months and in eleven years of living here, I've never made down there. So, today was my day! The only hitch was a huge squall that blew through here right after noon. This included thunder, lightning, gale force winds and hail(!!!). We've been having some crazy weather lately but this was the craziest so far. Fortunately, the rain and wind let up after about 20 minutes and we headed over there. I was wondering if there was even going to be anything left after all that wind. Surprisingly, there was! Only one booth had packed up and left. All the others were still there, a little damp and windblow but definitely open for business. I asked one vendor how they kept all the tents from blowing away. She told me that all the customers at the booths grabbed the tent poles and just hung on during the entire storm. The community saved everyone's tents and produce by working together and not letting go. I'm very moved by this. Gives you hope for the world.

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17th stitch said...

I'm asking a little late (I got behind on my blog reading over vacation) - could you please put up the recipe for Beet Thing?