Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Riding the Rollers

I'm really enjoying riding my bike on the trainer but I think I may have to stay in the doorway for quite a while yet. I tried riding in the middle of the room and completely fell off my bike about three times. I decided not to push my luck and moved back to the doorway. I could just imagine the emergency room conversation if I'd really hurt myself:

ER Nurse: Ma'am, how did you get injured?
Me: I crashed my bike.
Nurse: Where?
Me: Um, in the house.
Nurse: What were you doing?
Me: Trying to watch TV.
Nurse: Hmm.


Anonymous said...

if that's the weirdest story that nurse hears all day, it's a good day.

Lucy said...

Kind of figured that.

Doria said...


DeanB said...

A former co-worker of mine rigged up his stationary bike as a video game controller to play car racing games with. An accident would have made a similarly good story!