Friday, March 20, 2009

Knitting Things That Are Not Socks

I know, alert the media!
Every once in a while, I need some new sweaters. I've actually needed at least a couple of new sweaters for a while. I tend to wear the daylights out of my sweaters. I'm not sure why. I also seem to have a small problem with dribbling food down my front when I eat. I mean, I try to be neat and, being all grown up, you'd think I'd be better at it. Apparently not. I have now officially sworn off making myself light colored, solid shaded sweaters because I can't have all that work ruined in a minute. Sad.
So, I had this sweater that I'd started last year. It is Sandy from Big Girl Knits and I just loved it. Well, I dug it out and started knitting it again since I have finally figured out that if you actually knit on somthing, it eventually gets done. I know, took me a while and I practice Zen.
Anyway, it was really fun knitting someone else's pattern and also realizing that I can knit myself something other than a boxy pullover from the sweater pattern in my head. This pattern is great fun! You start out with four panels made with Noro. I used Silk Garden. You sew two of them together for the back and leave the other two seperate for the front.
You then edge them with the main color for which I used Cascade Pastaza, color 18, now discontinued (more on that later).
After the edging is done, you attach the back and one of the fronts into a big circle

and shortrow your way up the side.The remaining hole then turns into the sleeve. Genius!

And that's going have to be all for now because my computer has decided that I can't edit the rest of my pictures. I'll restart my computer and try again.

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