Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sale's Over

Phew!  That was our best sale ever!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by.  Considering how much stuff we sold, I'm amazed at how much is still here.  I've been trying to expand the shop inventory over the years and I guess I succeeded.
The yarn business is very cyclical, this time of year being one of the slowest.  I like it, though.  I'm planning to use this time to catch up on paperwork, do a bunch of knitting and generally relax before all the new yarn starts showing up in mid-late July.  I can't even believe how much new stuff I ordered.  Holy cow!
But, meanwhile, we relax.  The shop will be closed for vacation for the first part of July.  I haven't decided exactly when, but I'll let everyone know as soon as I decide.

1 comment:

Anne said...

Hey, did you see the Jojoland order that came in? It's on the shelves already. Hooray sock yarn! In purple!