Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Stripey Sweater and Fall Yarn

Boy, the blog got away from me for a bit, but I'm back. 
I had a lovely visit to NYC though it was so hot that if I never have to go back there in July, it will be too soon.  What I mostly did was go out to eat and then hide inside and knit.  We made it to the aquarium and on the Staten Island Ferry but that's as adventurous as we got.  Really, not so bad when you think about it.  I got to spend a lot of quality time with my friends Melissa and Andy
and got a lot of knitting done. 
I finished the sleeves of the stripey sweater on Sunday morning.
You can see at the top where I ran out of the lavender and white but they don't look bad overall.

Then I spent Sunday afternoon putting it together and sewing in the ends while watching the World Cup final with Andy (Melissa took a much deserved nap).  I really like relaxed vacations.  I'm just not much of a tourist.

Here's the finished sweater

and a fairly bad picture of me wearing it.
I really need to block the front a bit.
Meanwhile, this is the time of year when all the new yarn starts arriving in giant boxes that we refer to as "Annie Boxes".  Why Annie Boxes? 
Because, they are so big that Annie could use one for a studio apartment!

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