Friday, April 06, 2007

Who Knew?

As someone who has spent years professing undying love for her double points, I was incredibly surprised by how much I like knitting two socks on one long circular.

I am on my second pair on the circulars (I finished the first pair on dpns) and I’m definitely a fan!
Who knew!? It is a little dodgy doing the flap heel but I’m getting used to it. What you say? Why am I not using a short row heel? Because I love my flap heel socks! Love, love, love them!
Note: This is me professing undying love for my flap heel method. Have I ever done a short row heel? No. Never even tried it. Why? Because I really, really love my flap heel. Wondering what will happen when I finally break down and try the short row heel? I’ll probably instantly drop my beloved flap heel the way I dropped my once loved double points. Like a hot potato. I feel like such a tramp.


sharon said...

Hi Lucy - is that pattern you are knitting the socks too for a man's sock? I am tryign to find one to make a pair for my Dad - my Beppe (mom's mum)used to knit them and I want to try and surprise him, but not sure where to look for a pattern. I love the big skein colourway - WOW

Lucy said...

Hey Sharon,
That's a pattern I have at the shop. You can do it about any size you want. I'm glad to help you with it.