Friday, January 11, 2008

Warping Frame in Action

With the frame all put together and the glue dry, it was time to see how it worked.
Here it is with a few rounds on it. It has ten posts on each side. I wind alternate posts on the way down and the way up. I had a lot of trouble keeping track of where I was so I put arrows on all the down direction posts. I left the up direction ones blank. It worked pretty well.
Here's the frame with about 24 ounces of yarn on it. I have to wind another five on it then I'm going to tie it off and start again. I figured out that I have three 29 ounce skeins to wind to have enough for the sock club. Last year I just did one big 40 oz. skein but it was too big for my ballwinder. I just love how it looks on the frame. I can see the allure of winding a loom warp now. I never got it before.


Anonymous said...

that's pretty intense!

Oldpatterns said...

You've been tagged!

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Morandia said...

how large is the skein that makes? just wondering.... I think that would be great!