Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Verdict is In!

My sister finally has her sweater! I didn't get to give it to her in person. I sent it home with her husband when he came to pick up the girls yesterday.
The verdict is good! It fits, she loves it and thinks it will be an excellent addition to her wardrobe. This is good news because my sister is a bit particular about her clothes and I wanted to make sure I made her something that she'd get some use out of. Also, she promised to wear it to Thanksgiving so I can take pictures.
That success under my belt, I've got the next sweater all lined up!

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Unknown said...

Sewing zippers into sweaters can be tricky, though once the sweater is on the person, they look better. It is more of a leap of faith that it will work. Sweater looks cozy and elegant.

Liza the Blogless