Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cool Project!

This is the last of the three posts I've been meaning to do so here goes!
A little while ago, my friend Melissa asked me if I could turn this sweater pattern into an afghan pattern. The pattern is either something to do with FDNY or her fiance's family pattern. Maybe she'll tell us which in the comments. Anyway, she wants to make two afghans, one for her dad and one for her soon-to-be inlaws.
It took me a little while to work out the motifs, but eventually, I think I got them.The braids were the easy but the two fancy cables took some time.

The raspberry stitch on the ends was the easiest. I just looked it up online! Then I knit this uber-swatch! I'm glad I did because I found a couple of mistakes in my graphs. Then I wrote up the pattern for Melissa. I usually like graphs for myself but Melissa prefers it written out line by line so that's how I wrote did. I have a new found respect for anyone who edits knitting patterns. Proof-reading that thing gave me a headache!

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Anonymous said...

ahh! it's awesome. i can't believe you can work such magic. i've knit 20 rows of pattern so far, and it's going well. the pattern is the daley family aran, which is andy's father's family (his father's mother, actually...). my idea is that the afghans will be symbolic of our families being joined- giving both families something tied to them and us. i hope i can do your pattern justice, and that i can finish it in time! it's such a cool gift you've given me. i'll post pics of mine on my blog also.