Saturday, May 09, 2009

I need to find somewhere new to ride!

I have had it with the bike path! I almost got into a huge accident this morning involving a pack of about ten women runners who felt the need to take up the entire path and a ten-year-old boy on a bike who popped out from behind them trying to pass at the same time I was. I'm still not sure how I managed not to hit that kid!
One of my goals while riding is not to end up in a heap on the ground especially not after having crashed into someone's child. I actually felt safer after I got back onto Mass. Ave!


Tish said...

Maybe you need a very large, very LOUD bell to ring. When my Mom was shaky from her chemo and needed a cane for balance (and after she almost got knocked over on a crowded sidewalk) my Dad put a bicycle bell on the cane. My son was about 7 at the time and he loved to walk protectively next to her and was always encouraging her to "ring the bell and clear a path Oma!".

Patience said...

And the pack of ten need a reminder to share the path -- but I'll second the bell.

Why weren't they giving way to someone coming at them?

Lucy said...

I think a bell wouldn't have helped in this particular situation since they saw me coming. They did move over, just not enough. Well, I guess it was just enough since I didn't hit the kid but it sure scared the crap out of me.
I think I'm going to try my luck out on the roads for a while.

Lucy said...

BTW, I'm totally getting a bell for the tandem.

Bob T said...

I don't have a bell either, but I've got a loud voice. Glad no one was hurt.