Saturday, May 02, 2009

Gore Place Went Well

Gore Place went very well this year, though it was as hot as I've ever experienced it.
As you can see, I ended up bringing just about everything I could.
Annie and Regina showed up at 6:50pm on Friday and stayed to help pack. They turned what was going to be about a two hour job into one that took about half an hour.
Then they showed up at 8am with their friend Eamon who is 6'4" and able to sling shelves full of yarn around like tinker toys.
Consequently, the booth was set up in record time and the shopping began!We even got an impromptu Morris Dance performance from some guys visiting the booth across the way.
I did actually get out of the booth more than any other year but, thanks to the heat, didn't end up going far. Our booth really was the best place to be.
Thanks to Annie, Regina and Eamon, the booth was broken down, moved back here and the shop put back together by 6pm that night! You guys are the best!!

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Anne said...

so what the heck is going on with my arm in that picture? it looks like it's on backwards...