Monday, June 26, 2006

I've Dyed Until I'm Dead

Remember this?

Now it looks like this

and this.

I can’t believe I got through all that yarn by myself! Usually, Kerry, my trusty minion and Queen of All Orange, plays hookie and helps me out. Unfortunately, young Kerry is busy moving into her newly painted house and, though the allure of sock yarn is great, was not able to join me. I’ve been dyeing yarn since 9am and, as my mother likes to say (warning, Mommism coming up) “I’ve died and I’m too dumb to lie down.” Which is, of course, why I’m sitting here at the computer blogging.
I think I’m going to sign off now, though. I have a bunch of pictures and will do a full dye day round up tomorrow. Even though I got all the yarn dyed, my kitchen still pretty much looks like this.

I think I’ll order pizza and deal with it in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Whoa. Good thing it finally stopped raining!

Lucy said...

I know. Can you imagine me trying to find enough places to hang that all up in the house?

Amy Davis-O'Malley said...

WOW! It makes me want to try to knit socks! Can't wait to be able to come by and see it for real!

Beth S. said...

I've called for pizza in much less trying circumstances. ;-)

Love the rainbow in your backyard... if nature won't give you one, go on and make your own, right? ;-)