Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back Again

Well folks, I’m back from my retreat. It was an amazing experience and I want to thank the team that covered the shop for me and allowed me to have it! You guys are the best ever!!
Things were busy while I was away. New yarn arrived. Knit Out stuff arrived. And to keep life really interesting, the Harlot struck again (Um, Doria, where’s all the sock yarn?). Seriously, I thought they'd moved it somewhere but its all gone. There are three skeins left! Three! Don’t worry, I’m planning to dye more on Monday.
So that’s the quick and dirty update from here. I’m now going to start wading through the pile of email waiting for me (oh, so much email). I shall try to remember to breath and say to myself “There is only one email, just the one you are reading right now.”
Breath in, breath out. Okay, I’m going in.


Amy Davis-O'Malley said...

Welcome back! I was wondering how that would work out when I saw more of your awesome sock yarn on the Harlot's blog!

I will say that I am loving my Dafodil (lucky me - I got some!)and I am slowly but surely working up the first sock!

Good luck on the catchup!

Amy O'

Rosemary said...

Have fun catching up and dyeing next week. I can't wait to see the next round of colors.

emilytheslayer said...

Don't forget the red and black! Also, in case email gets old, I actually posted on my blog. And I'm glad you're back. And I'm working on a sock, so I'll need some more of your sock yarn soon so I can make socks out of it too.

Anonymous said...

I was in Cambridge for a wedding (I just moved to NC) and I went in to buy some sock yarn (and needles) and was totally shocked when there was almost nothing left! I was happy for you, but sad for me, now if I could just get to your Etsy store before all the harlot fans :)