Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Samples, samples

As promised, here are a few of the yarns that I’m going to be knitting samples with for the fall.

I love working with all the new yarns. I knit hats so that if I ever stop carrying the yarn, I can just throw the hat into the donation pile. I also use up a whole skein so that people can see how far they can get with one.
Other than that, I haven’t been doing a whole lot of knitting. Between the shop and the Knit Out a.k.a. The Thing that Ate My Life, I haven’t had much time. I did squeeze in a little sock knitting on the way somewhere yesterday but managed to loose a #00 needle. Fortunately, I was working with five so I could punt with four.
I have been dyeing yarn. I’ve been playing with my new dyes. Check out the colors!

And, of course, no blog post would be complete without an update about Wanda.

We have discovered that the plays well with Little Nephew.
This is wonderful for both of them since they both have tons of energy and need to work it off.

I’m not ready to leave them unsupervised in the yard together

but that’s mostly because of Little Nephew and not Wanda.


omly said...

That hat idea for samples is great! I also love the new blue and purple colorways.

Do you know if we should bring darning needles to the knit out to help put together the afghans? I couldn't remember from last year.

Lucy said...

We'll have them there but if you'd like to bring some, that would be great.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Um, is that hank of wine/pink/green up for sale yet? Because I really like that color combination!

emilytheslayer said...

Oh wow. I'm heading over tomorrow to buy my red and black, and some of those other colors might also sneak home with me. Maybe it'll be today, who knows?

Dharia said...

Hi Lucy! How did i not know about your blog before? i'm just slow i guess. cute puppy!!