Monday, August 28, 2006

Camp Lucy

Sorry for not posting sooner. Little Nephew has vacation from daycare this week so I'm taking care of him during the day today and tomorrow. We spent the day at the Children's Museum today. I have a Knit Out meeting tonight (go to the Knit Out site and volunteer! We need you!). Then more Camp Lucy tomorrow. I may need medication soon.

P.S. Wanda is here pushing herself around on her butt trying to bite her own tail (it just keeps getting away!). It is beyond funny. I'll try to get pictures the next time she's doing it. Camera needs batteries.


Anonymous said...

i should scan/ photo some prints i have of a former camp lucy circa balissa and merit. it's pretty funny. and certainly hard to tell who's the "camper..."

pigbook1 said...

Lucy thank you so much for your offer of a couch. I managed to crash at a friends, but you have no idea what it means that you were willing to offer. I will be over at your store sometime in the near future to thank you in person. Thank you again