Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wanda Will Be Here Soon!

All right, the time has come. I’m getting a new dog. Meet Wanda!

Isn’t she cute? She is a one-year-old Staffordshire terrier mix that was found wandering the streets of Boston and named Smiley Wanderful by Boston Animal Control. She’s currently at the Alliance for Animals in South Boston. When I went in there on Tuesday (yes, I didn’t even go home first), she rocketed up over the counter and starting licking my whole face. She gets very excited but also settles down nicely when nothing much is going on. She’s very smart and very trainable though her manners could use some work (obviously). They think that she was taken away from her mother too soon so has some trouble communicating and playing appropriately with other dogs. This means that I will have to be careful introducing her to my mother’s two dogs Frankie a.k.a. Frank-a-delic and Milo, The Neurotic Rat Terrier (is there any other kind?). I think a lot of nice walks, a good amount of time throwing the ball in the back yard and some careful socializing with other dogs will sort Wanda out in no time.
I’m going to pick her up on Wednesday. I almost took her home Tuesday, but then I had a reality check.
1. I’ve been away for almost two weeks and need to catch up on a lot of things. The email was got through yesterday though, hooray!
2. In the two months since Miss Maggie passed, my house has become no longer dog proof. I need some time to beat my house back into shape especially for a young dog that can do a 4’ standing jump.
3. I’m going to be dyeing yarn all day Monday and Tuesday, which would leave Wanda closed up in my bedroom all day. NG (no good).
4. I hurt my knee on retreat and it would be good if that got better before I had to take a dog for a walk everyday.
When I bring her home, I really want to get her started off right. So, I’m waiting until next week, sigh.


Anonymous said...

yay wanda! she's beautiful! i can't wait to meet her- she has the potential to be the second stratfordshire terrier i like (awh, the Mook-ster...). I didn't know mom has a second dog! what an apt she has going on up there!

Danielle said...

Has it been two months already? The summer does fly.

Amy O' said...

What a face! She looks like a sweetie-to-be. In my short time as a knitter, I have come to realize that every yarn shop needs a dog.

Amy O'

Jonathan said...

Yay Wanda!
This has nothing to do with Wanda, but I have been meaning to tell you- a few weeks ago, Meret was commenting that my beard has some grey in it. I said that some people dye it. "Oh!" she exclaimed "My friend Lucy can dye it! She dyes wool all the time!" Meret's creative juices began to flow, as she thought this out... "We can shave your beard, then bring the hair over to Lucy, and she can dye it. Then she can knit it back into a beard, and you can glue it back on your face! And it could be any color you wanted!!!"
So if you decide to start this service, Meret and I deserve a cut.

Anonymous said...

wow- meret has some pretty sweet business plans. i like it. you'd have a knitted beard. pretty swank!