Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gray Sweater Done

The gray sweater is finished and, in my quest to finish all the half finished things lying around here, I've started work on this purple sweater.
This actually used to be a skirt. I knit it to go with my purple cardigan that I knit with a bunch of my own handspun. You may recognize the yarn if you are a regular at the shop since, until last week, that cardigan comprised half of my winter sweaters. In three years, I've worn the skirt twice so thought it would serve me much better as a sweater.
My challenge with this project is that I don't have that much yarn. I'm knitting the sleeves first and then making the body as long as I can while still saving a bit to do the collar with. We'll see how it goes!
I finally got Wanda some new Nylabones this week. I didn't realize that they came in different hardnesses. This is what was left of the first one I gave her after two hours of chewing!

Thank goodness she doesn't eat this stuff, just chew it up! Fortunately, the other bone I got is the other style and is holding up nicely.

Tish, in the comments, suggested another brand of bone which I'm going to try when the new bone is all chewed up. She also suggested getting under the fridge with one of those bamboo sticks which is a really great idea except that I'm a little afraid of what else will come out of there. I'll just save that idea for a day when I'm on one of those cleaning jags. Thanks Tish!

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Anonymous said...

Now that you mention it... yes, I do recognize that yarn!