Friday, October 19, 2007

Who Knew?

I figured out this week that I'm completely incapable of running my business with out two things, a stapler and a mini legal pad. I'd known about the stapler. I just can't seem to pay bills with out being able to staple things together. I didn't realize about the mini legal pad until I used up mine this week and couldn't find any fresh ones. I simply can. not. function. The thought of making a list on a piece of scap paper or even on a larger pad was just not to be tolerated! I couldn't pay bills, do errands, anything. Complete paralysis!

I'd never realized this before because, in ten years of business, I'd never actually run out of them. Well, I went to Staples yesterday and bought a dozen more of these just to make sure I didn't run out again anytime soon. And in the great tradition of finding what you've lost as soon as you replace it, I immediately found the other two pads I thought I had but couldn't put my hands on. Go figure. It is just funny to me that if I had been asked, when I was starting out, what two things I would have to have to run a business, a stapler and mini legal pad would not have even made the list!

Here is a rather blurry picture of the gray sweater. I've finished th back and am working on the front. It just looks like a big mass right now but it is coming right along. I'm hoping to be on to the sleeves by the weekend!

And, last but not least, we have a cute Wanda picture. She's here slumming it with her Kong. Her most favorite toy ever, her Nylabone (which had been chewed to a nub and really needs replacing) slid under the fridge the other day. I got down on the floor yesterday and tried to get it out but it is too far in. So, here she is with a mere Kong. It's quite tragic really.

She's completely worn out by the strain.


Danielle said...

It's soooo hard to be a doggie!

Tish said...

Have you tried a Galileo bone (possibly made by Nylabone- same type of material anyway)? One of our dogs is a mighty chewer and she loves hers. It has lasted longer than any of the standard Nylas. And I like an old fashioned wooden yardstick or a 3ft bamboo pole (the kind they sell in bundles at the garden shop for propping up plants) for underfrige (stove, couch, between cabinets, etc) fishing. It's thin enough to fit under just about everything, long enough to reach, and sturdy enough to sweep out even heavy chunks of rubber dogbone (the other dog isn't allowed to bring her skungy tennis balls inside so she gnaws ball-sized chunks off of the rubber bones and carries them around instead- doofus!). Love the Lucy pics.