Saturday, October 14, 2006

Monsters of Teen Craft

Hello, all. Sorry I haven't blogged in a week. I'm still getting over this cold except that now I'm in the "I feel well enough to get back to everything I need to do except that I'm still sick enough to be still moving a little slow".
A lot has happened since I wrote last so I'm going to tackle it in small chunks.
So, last Saturday I had these lovely people here!
It was wonderful to see Shannon

She knew I was sick so took it upon herself to bring refreshments and flowers. We had an impromptu knitting group all afternoon with everyone who came by.

And I don't know how I've lived my whole life without meeting Kim Werker (that's Humphrey, the tour mascot, she's holding)! She is a delightful person. She mentioned that she'd meant to learn to spin on this trip but hadn't managed to yet. Oh, I said, all innocence, well let me show you! She'd done some spindle spinning so it was a very short amount of time before she was making legitimate yarn on a wheel. It is only a matter of time before she gets one (quiet, evil laughing).
In other news, it has become almost impossible to get a candid picture of Wanda in the house. She hears the camera turn on and this is what happens:

"I'm ready for my close-up."

In my next post, I will discuss why it is a bad idea to tell a fourteen-year-old that you will buy him any size pumpkin he wants as long as he can pick it up and carry it.


somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Wanda is such a cute HAM! She must have a love for being photographed.

Anonymous said...

Cute picture of Wanda! My dog Johnnie is just the opposite. He looks as if I am going to hurt him if I get the camera out . . . . Glad to hear you're feeling better with time. Letitia

Lucy said...

Hey Letitia! How's it going?
I had a dog years ago who always looked sad and put upon when I took his picture. Aren't dogs funny?!

freshgroundknits said...

You taught me how to spindle spin in March and now I'm getting my own wheel at the end of the month! I love it!

Shannon said...

Bwah ha ha ha -- Lucy converts another one, thus retaining her coveted Master Enabler status. Thanks again for having us!

(Note: that's an orchid my former roommate shoved into my hair, not, say, a wildly errant piece of attack roving).