Saturday, October 21, 2006

Scissors, Paper, Glue

That's pretty much my life for the next few days. I'm working on cutting out each color from copies of the Regia, Trekking and Fortissima color cards and gluing them to cards. This is, of course for next week's Sock Fest. It is a big job too! Do you know that there are 178 colors of Regia wool/poly 4-ply alone!! 178! In honor of all this cutting, I finally broke down and bought this:

When you teach school, you get really spoiled by having access to all kinds of good toys like the copier (ours collated), the lamenator (I nearly fell down when I found out how much Staples charges) and the paper cutter. Of the three, I really missed the paper cutter. I got by for a long time due to the kindness of my friend Stefanie who would loan me hers. Unfortunately, she doesn't work in city any more (she used to be down here almost daily). And though I know that, if I asked, she would get in her car and bring her paper cutter down here right this minute, it was really time to buy my own. So, I did and I love it, love it, love it! So, think of me cutting and pasting this weekend. It's not too bad and it's really fun looking at all the colors!

In other news, what's up with all these fish?

I'll let you know in my next post!


Anonymous said...

omg!! even a photo of color cards gives me that yarn feeling in my tummy. go regia bamboo!!! how i love sock yarn... let me count the ways... it may inspire me to either a) finish some i have cast on already, b) cast on some of the colors i have stashed, and/or c) order more, and stash/knit away!! ooh- nothing nicer than fall yarn.

in other amusement, some girl sat next to me on the train yesterday and asked about my knitting. we talked for a bit, and she was going on and on about how i should start groups and classes and make money off it (i originally misunderstood when she said "you can make a lot of money off that in the city." i just mummbled a "yeah," since i didn't want to detail the value of my time and love on the train. but she meant teaching!). then she told me about her work- she works for social services, and gave me names and websites to check for jobs. if i wind up becoming employed, in yarn or in social services, because of knitting, well, i'll owe the circle of yarn life even more!

Lucy said...

That's awesome, Balissa! I knew your future was in yarn!

Anonymous said...

Hello again, Lucy! I tried knitting socks years ago and my fingers felt like big sausages holding those #2 needles! Once I am back stateside again, I must try socks again. Congrats on your wholesale order! Greetings to Wanda. Johnny sends a wag of the tail and a long sniff. Best, Letitia