Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sock Fest Kick Off

Wow! They came, they saw, they bought, they left! It's 8:30pm and the Sock Fest kick off is all done. I was afraid I'd be throwing people out of here at 9:30pm. Instead, I had a group of people here that were masters of yarn shopping efficiency. Here's what they ordered so far.

I respectable number of these already have enough so that I will order them (40% of the bag has to be sold). I expect most of them will pick up enough by the end of the week to be ordered and I'm sure a bunch of them will go into discount (60% of the bag sold). Sock Fest is always so much fun!

I now get to put up my Regia clad feet and rest. Hooray!
Oh, yeah! I was going to tell you what was up with the fish.
The Cambridge Zen Center has a nifty little pond in the back. Last spring, I wanted us to have goldfish in the pond so I volunteered to winter them over. I was imagining a 20 gallon tank with maybe 6-10 fish in it. Little did I know that the darn things were going to breed like rabbits all summer. Well, I checked them this fall and, lo and behold, the pond was full of little fish! I asked them how many fish they'd put in originally and the answer was five! Well, I volunteered to deal with this so deal with it I would.

I was very fortunate to find a 55 gallon tank on Craig's List for $50. The guy even brought it over here!! I got it set up and running and the next day headed over to the zen center with a big bucket and my fish net. Of course, what was the first thing I did when I got there? If you guessed fell in the pond, you would be right. Splash! Hey, I was going to get soaked anyway so might as well get it over with. Over the course of the afternoon, I got five 4"+ (one is 7" long!) fish and almost 50 little fish out of the pond. They are now happily living in this huge tank in my bedroom.

One problem with goldfish is that the big ones tend to eat the little ones. I have gotten plants and a castle (all fish need a castle) for the little fish to hide in and I feed them three times a day so that they aren't that hungry. I have also told them very firmly that we don't eat each other in this house. Seems to be working, too.

So far, I'm really enjoying the new additions to my household. I've had goldfish in the past and just love them. I may have to keep some of these guys come spring!


Danielle said...

As Buddhist fish, shouldn't they eschew all killing?

Lucy said...

Unfortunately, these fish don't seem to have take precepts yet.

Anonymous said...

wouldn't it be funny to come in one day and see them all meditating around the castle? in their robes and bibs? with their heads shaved?

emilytheslayer said...

I do believe some photoshopping may be in order to MAKE that happen. I'll get on right on that this weekend. :)

Lucy said...

OMG! You people kill me!
BTW, Emily, I'm done with your DVDs. Thank so much!

Anonymous said...

dude- sock yarn coming to me! yeah! so psyched. the last thing i need is more yarn. but i love it so much.

emilytheslayer said...

Oh cool, maybe I can make it over tomorrow. I've been trying to find time to come by anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

we should felt some buddhist fish.